About UTH

Founded by Dean Blandino, Under The Hood (UTH) is the resource for everything Instant Replay related in American Football.

For industry insiders and officials UTH provides education and training in the form of live game supervision, post game video analysis and officiating clinics. Blandino also brings the football fan 'under the hood' by providing access to game changing play explanations and answering all replay related questions.

Widely regarded as the authority on Instant Replay, Blandino has a 14-year tenure with the National Football League (NFL) including 5 years running the Instant Replay program and 2 years heading up the Leagues Officiating Operations. Blandino coordinated and presented at NFL officiating clinics, edited NFL Rule and Case Books, created Officiating Manuals, prepared reference material for the NFL Competition Committee and identified all potential on-field player discipline. From a personnel standpoint he was responsible for the hiring, training and supervising of all NFL replay officials, video operators, communicators and technicians

During Blandino's leadership and as a testimony to his work, 2007 saw the Instant Replay System voted in as a permanent officiating tool and a League-wide High Definition upgrade took place allowing referees to review plays with the highest quality video available. 

In 2009 Dean decided to widen his scope of influence by going independent and founding 'Under The Hood Inc' creating the ability to work with other leagues and sports associations. Continuing his work with the NFL, Dean now also works with several NCAA college conferences including the Big Ten, Big 12, Mountain West and Mid-American. In addition he provides consultation to sports software companies.

Passionate about demystifying the perceptions surrounding Instant Replay and enhancing the enjoyment of the game, Dean's philosophy is twofold, to provide a clear and straight forward approach toward rule explanation and process implementation combined with coaching on personal characteristics essential for success in the booth.

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